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Celebrating Women in Project Management


I work with women in project management roles to reinforce within themselves their true VALUE to their team, company and industry. I provide a channel for women’s voices to be HEARD, SUPPORTED and EMBRACED in project management with my podcast series, personal training, digital courses and workshops.

It’s time for women to AIM HIGH in the industry, and to know that they can absolutely achieve their career goals!

I work with incredible women who have extensive knowledge, skills and passion for their career, but unfortunately the high pressure and status quo within the workplace has left them feeling emotionally exhausted; they have lost confidence in their own hard-earned skills, and are considering leaving their roles.

For over two decades, I have worked closely with project managers to positively impact and innovate effective management processes. I have collaborated with a range of organisations including Queensland Urban Utilities, Ipswich City Council, Coca-Cola Amatil, Hutchinson Telecoms and Ansett Australia.

I am here to RE-IGNITE the passion and satisfaction that you once had for your career; and to re-connect your team members for true CONFIDENCE in the workplace.

Contact me here. I would love to hear from you.

Elise Stevens 2018 Project Management Specialist


In this self-paced eCourse, I share how I strengthened some of the most trying relationships in my career. The strategies I have developed over the previous two decades to resolve conflicts and put projects back on track are all laid out in this methodical step-by-step guide with easy-to-follow videos, case studies, worksheets and more.

This eCourse will allow you to refine and expand your communication and problem-solving skills. You will be prepared to work with absolutely anyone, now and in the future.

Feel confident in resolving workplace conflicts! Say goodbye to the daily dread of engaging with difficult stakeholders.

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