Fresh Friday 15 January 2016 – 6 Uplifiting Articles that Caught My Attention

6 great articles to nurture and grow your project leadership skills

  • Wellingtone

    Fabulous post by Wellingtone/APM about the state of project management in the UK. My thought is that these issues are encountered all over the world. See what you think.

  • Creative Room 4 Talk

    Interesting post about how hanging out with you admire is beneficial to you. Social media, Webinars and Podcasts offer alternate channels for engaging with the people you admire.

  • Michael Hyatt

    Lots of different views on whether you should make resolutions or in the case of this article – not make resolutions.

  • Upstart HR

    This post about social media for HR Professionals is equally relevant to Project Managers. Social media is fantastic about keeping pace with industry trends. engaging with people you admire and reading about different perspectives.

  • Techwell

    Do you think sometimes we do projects just to implement the new sexy technology? I am not so sure about that. This article discusses why not all tasks should be automated.

  • BP Logix

    Trends for 2016 for BPM and Workflow – transformation and business process improvement projects are hot at the moment.

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