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Podcast 110 – Agile PMOs

Futureproof Your Career
Futureproof Your Career
Podcast 110 - Agile PMOs

Let’s talk about Agile PMOs

Learn about Agile PMOs in this podcast with Melanie Franklin. Melanie is an expert from Agile Change Management who helps organisations transform to become more agile.

In this podcast, she speaks to Elise Stevens about how PMOs can make an organisation more agile. With more than 20 years of experience, Melanie provides international consulting and accredited training courses on everything from leadership to projects and change.

She is the Chair of the Change Management Institute in the UK and has authored 10 books.

Points delivered in this podcast:

  • A PMO must change its reporting away from focusing on deliverables and focus on what has actually been achieved.
  • Creating an Agile PMO is not as simple as it may seem, it’s a complete cultural change.
  • Remember not all projects will be run on Agile project management.
  • The people in the PMO should be accomplished project managers themselves to recognise false achievements rather than simply collate spreadsheets.
  • Agile PMOs will prioritise to make sure that the project leader understands where the project fits into a wider context.
  • Organisations aren’t usually as good at portfolio management as they should be.
  • Portfolio transparency is crucial.
  • If the wider portfolio of initiatives isn’t communicated, project leaders may prioritise something that works against another project.
  • Agile is a big change that will require PMOs to think creatively about the information they need.
  • It is natural for PMOs to be fearful of a change to Agile project management. If a PMO has a casual approach to the change it may be because the full scope of the culture change has not been realised.
  • The PMO can sit between board level and the project managers themselves to help communicate how money, time and scope work in Agile.
  • Anyone working in a PMO has to be very good at understanding what Agile means so they can re-think their role.

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