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Podcast: Andrea Brockmeier – Lifting the Quality of Project Sponsorship

Futureproof Your Career
Futureproof Your Career
Podcast: Andrea Brockmeier - Lifting the Quality of Project Sponsorship

Podcast: Lifting the Quality of Project Sponsorship, with Andrea Brockmeier

In this podcast, Elise Stevens is joined by Andrea Brockmeier to discuss how Project Managers can lift the quality of project sponsorships they’re involved in.

As the Project Management Director at Watermark Learning, Andrea Brockmeier works with Analysts, Relationship and Project Managers, and Scrum team members to create enduring results in their organisations. Her hands-on experience in business relationships, process management and leadership means she has a better understanding than most of the challenges that arise when Project Managers and Project Sponsors work together towards a common goal.

In this episode, Andrea Brockmeier shares how Project Managers can improve project sponsorship quality.

According to Andrea, it’s common for Project Managers to find themselves with Project Sponsors who are new to the role, and have no solid idea what it entails. When this happens, it’s the Project Manager’s job to get them thinking about becoming a good Sponsor. It means moving beyond wondering how the project will be managed, and thinking about how the Sponsor can look good. After all, if they look good, you look good and the project does well.

Project Sponsors need coaching and influencing to understand what each person’s responsibilities are, and failure to do this can lead to team members feeling less confident in their project role. In today’s world of organisational transformation and disruption, Project Managers must move beyond dishing out responsibilities and move towards building relationships.

Points raised in this podcast with Andrea Brockmeier:

  • Often the role of Project Sponsor is seen as drawing the short straw, creating a lack of passion.
  • Many Project Sponsors juggle multiple projects at once so getting time with them is challenging.
  • The ability to engage and articulate the project’s alignment with the organisation is essential.
  • A trusting relationship is needed to have a positive, frank discussion with your Project Sponsor
  • When you’re less experienced, let your Project Sponsor know that you’re willing to learn with them
  • Create trust with your Project Sponsor by asking them what their communication preferences are, as well as how and when they’d like information presented to them
  • When Project Sponsors push back, be consultative in your questioning and sell them on the benefits of any decision you’re proposing so they can see that it’s a win-win

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