Benefits of attending networking events

Podcast 111 – Benefits of attending networking events

Podcast 111 – Benefits of attending networking events

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Let’s talk about the benefits of attending networking events

In this podcast, Elise Stevens speaks with Sarah Cobb from BforB network marketing about the benefits of attending networking events and building relationships.

Sarah is the current Australian franchisor for BforB and the managing director of Cariblue Franchising, working with businesses that want to grow.

She was the 2013 Qld/NT Franchise Woman of the Year and the Australian Institute of Management’s 2012 Owner Manager of the Year for the Gold Coast.

Sarah believes that to do business well, you not only need to know the people you’re working with, you need to like them and trust them as well.


Points raised in this podcast:

  • Networking is about connecting with people.
  • It’s a great place to find new opportunities and get information about your competitors.
  • Networking can be as simple as attending a lunch or more deliberate, like a structured event.
  • Networking is particularly important for people who work from home, or in small offices who don’t get the benefits of working within a large team of people.
  • Usually we see only the tip of the iceberg in our working relationships. We make a lot of assumptions about what people do and how they operate. Taking the time to build a personal relationship through face-to-face communication can help you learn things about people you usually wouldn’t.
  • Networking is not about numbers, it’s about focus. You’re much better off having a deep conversation with a few people, rather than a quick conversation with thirty people.
  • Helping people can be hugely rewarding. Having good personal connections and a strong network can also allow you to connect people who need each other.
  • Networking will give you the opportunity to constantly learn and reinvent yourself.
  • Find the person standing alone in the room – they may just be the most interesting.
  • Ask open-ended questions to get the conversation flowing.

Listen to the Podcast:

Get networking right now! Add Sarah on LinkedIn here or find a networking event near you here.



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