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how to feel more confident

How To Feel More Confident

One of the key skills of a great project manager is being able…
how to say yes to new opportunities

The Importance of Saying Yes to New Opportunities

"If a window of opportunity appears, don't pull down the shade." I…
the self-love tool kit for project managers

The Self-love Tool Kit

Loving and understanding yourself is the foundation of being…
Celebrating Women In Project Management

Why Celebrating Women In Project Management Is Important To Me

My passion is to make a difference for women working in the field…

Celebrating Women in Project Management

In the Salary and Market Trend 2017 Survey conducted by the UK Association…

Guest Blog Post: Free Visual Guides for Kanban and Scrum

Take control with Kanban! A visual guide for beginners Kanban…

10 must-have skills to successfully project manage - with Helen Sabell

Want to successfully project manage? Here are 10 must-have skills. Project…
junior project manager

6 questions a junior project manager should ask

To celebrate the launch of our new eCourse, we're releasing…