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The Cheeseburger Talk with Payson Hall

One of the most important meetings in the life of a project should…

3 tips to improve your presentations

Have you ever been in presentation hell? I have and it was awful. Without…
key stakeholder

How I alienated a key stakeholder in the first week of a new job

A couple of years ago, I started a new job with a great company…
effective leadership

Effective Leadership Skills. Are You Truly A Great Project Leader?

Lately on the blog I've been exploring the ten skills that…
Irrational Project Stakeholders

5 Ways To Deal With Irrational Project Stakeholders

“Understanding that people are irrational has made my life…
communication skills

#1 Workplace Skill: Communication Skills

Communication Skills: A Modern Art Communication skills in the…
kick start your career in 2017!

10 Ways To Kick Start Your Career In 2017

Kick Start Your Career in 2017! Are you stuck in a career rut…
Guest Blog Post: Flexible Project Management with Agile

Guest Blog Post: Agile - Flexible Project Management with Alison Wood

Are you and your team looking for a project management approach…