Michel Dion’s book sets out to develop a toolkit for Project Managers by presenting a range of topics including some not often found in leadership books.

The concept of a leadership toolkit for Project Managers is a great one.  Having a toolkit you can simply reach into for tools and tips to use in successfully leading your team is a powerful resource.

The Project Leader Toolkit offers value in daily project life by detailing tasks that are sometimes difficult to express.  As an example, the chapter on Decision Making outlines the types of decisions that are required throughout the life of a project, and why it’s important that Project Managers either make or escalate decisions required by Project Sponsors/and or Governance Groups in a timely manner.  One reason projects are successful is that key decisions are made when required, even those that may be unpopular.

While some Project Managers may take the view they have little or no decision making responsibility, this is not altogether correct.  As Michel details in this chapter, an important area to identify and understand, preferably in the planning stages of the project, is what decisions are your responsibility, what decisions the PMO will make, what decisions the Project Sponsor will make, and the decision making responsibilities of the governance group.

Other standout topics include:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Delegation
  • Strategic view of planning

This book offers significant value to Project Managers with all levels of experience, providing a simple, straight forward approach to what are often complex concepts.  Michel Dion has produced a book that de-mystifies the jargon laden world of project management and provides great insight into how to be an exceptional project leader.

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The Podcast that Michel and I recorded about how Project Managers can improve their decision making