Book review of Project Psychology by Sharon De Mascia

Book Review – Project Psychology – Sharon De Mascia

Book review of Project Psychology by Sharon De Mascia

'Project Psychology’ by Sharon De Mascia.In this video, Elise shares her book review of Project Psychology by Sharon De Mascia.

Sharon De Mascia AFBPsS, MCIPD is a UK based Psychologist focused on project management. In her role, Sharon helps organisations get the best out of people through wellbeing, leadership and change management.

Sharon is the Director of Cognoscenti Business Psychologists Ltd UK and helps organisations get the best out of their employees by facilitating high levels of engagement and wellbeing. She helps leaders understand their own motivations and drivers so that they have a better understanding of how to lead others.

Using her knowledge and skill set, Sharon helps organisations understand the psychological nature of change so that they are able to influence the emotionally charged atmosphere that tends to prevail during major change projects and use it as a driver for change.

Points raised in this video:

  • How to lead your stakeholders and your team more effectively.
  • Being able to lead your team is important for your success.
  • The book’s structure follows the analysis, design, implementation and testing stages of a project life cycle.
  • When you’re planning and designing a project, it can be easier than the implementation – before the risks and outside environment is added.
  • Concepts discussed include blending coaching concepts in our everyday leadership skills.
  • Sharon focuses on how to include coaching into your leadership style.
  • Change management and managing your project boards to avoid issues is important and essential to your project psychology.
  • Post project scenarios are also explored in the book.
  • Key chapters were building the project team and its culture, coaching the project team, the people side of communication, managing conflict in projects, engaging the stakeholders and using your project board.
  • Bringing in the GROW model was a key takeaway from the book.
  • The book discusses topics in relation to what project managers can do and the psychologist approach to challenges and also why these tools could be use.
  • Questions for reflection are also included for each chapter, which is an important addition and very useful for the reader.
  • The book helps individuals become a better leader and offers great value for ways to change the conversation.

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