Podcast: Building leadership muscle with Michelle Redfern

Age Defying Careers
Age Defying Careers
Podcast: Building leadership muscle with Michelle Redfern


Michelle Redfern and Sheryl Sandberg share at least one thing in common. Their career has been less of a straight and narrow path and more of a jungle gym! In this podcast we discuss Michelle’s inspiring career journey and the importance of building leadership muscle.

After leaving school at the tender age of 15 and jumping into her first leadership role at 22, Michelle struggled with imposter syndrome – the fear that people would figure out she wasn’t truly qualified to do her job – but she believed she had a talent for getting people to do what she wanted them to do. She stayed optimistic and kept her eyes peeled for opportunities and as a result she enjoyed 25 years working in a range of leadership roles across multiple industries.

Eighteen months ago Michelle founded Advancing Women in Business & Sport. She admits where she has ended up is a far cry from where she started, but at 50 years old she tells Elise Stevens she has never been more fulfilled or happy.

Her dream is of a world where women from all walks of life are treated equally and celebrated, and her new business is one of many helping to make that reality.


  • Why the smoothest career path is not necessarily the best.
  • The importance of self-belief, especially when it’s hard to muster.
  • The value of relentless optimism.
  • How jumping out of your comfort zone can completely change your career path.
  • How having few qualifications can ironically open the door to more opportunities.
  • Why authenticity and humility are fundamental to great leadership.
  • How professional counseling can help you to see your career more clearly.
  • Why you need to stop trying to be what you think people want you to be.
  • The importance of finding value in others.


Building leadership muscle with Michelle RedfernMichelle is an experienced mentor, leader, and motivational speaker who has combined her love of sport and passion for gender equality into a unique enterprise to advance women in business and sport.

She advises businesses and sporting organisations that are serious about advancing women by breaking down the barriers that prevent them from thriving. By harnessing her experience and skills, and adding a healthy dose of humour, she helps organisations develop strategies that transform them into inclusive, gender-balanced workplaces.

She’s a card-carrying, flag-waving feminist who knows it’s not women who need fixing – it’s the system.

You can connect with Michelle on LinkedIn or check out her business Advancing Women in Business and Sport.

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