In honour of International Women’s Day 2021, why not celebrate by sharing the stories of women all around the globe working in STEM.


Beck Gower Celebrating Women in Project Management

Name: Beck Gower

Role: Project Manager

Career Advice/Tip:

Make mistakes, make as many as you can – every single one is a lesson and an opportunity for growth




Lenka Pincot

Name: Lenka Pincot

Role: Head of Agile Transformation

Career Advice/Tip:

Always invest enough time to see the big picture of the business context and demonstrate such understanding on actions that you take. Being aware of broader aspects of your job helps to set your priorities right and show empathy towards your business colleagues. Both of these competences pay off in a long term and add positively to your image as a leader.


Nicole Stephensen

Name: Nicole Stephensen

Role: Privacy professional

Career Advice/Tip

Find a mentor in your early days, to help you to grow… and be a mentor in someone else’s early days, to help you to grow! Indeed, being a guide or inspiration to someone just starting their journey is perhaps the most educative and fulfilling thing you can do in your career! It might even be where you reach your pinnacle, because true mentoring is neither selfish nor self-directed. It’s entirely about offering wisdom, giving encouragement, illuminating a path (yes, one probably littered with your own hard lessons learned!) in order to serve someone else. Sometimes in doing so, your own next steps become clearer too.


Dr. Nicole Tschierske

Name: Dr. Nicole Tschierske

Role: Coach for Women in STEM

Career Advice/Tip:

Learn to connect and collaborate beyond your immediate team early. You’ll notice how you get more done quicker and how work is more fun to do. On top, this helps you build a reputation of being an expert in your field, so you’re top of mind when it comes to giving promotions or deciding who should lead that exciting new project.


Heidi Beets

Name: Heidi Beets

Role: Transformation Director

Career Advice/Tip:

Continue to find coaches and mentors who you respect and admire to challenge you throughout your entire career journey.  Never stop learning – try to learn at least one new skill or discipline every single year.



Name: Susan G Schwartz

Role: Technical Expert to Excellent Manager Coach

Career Advice/Tip:

Never turn down an opportunity or challenge because you do not think you are “good enough” aka “know enough” to
perform well. Yes, you are good enough and you will succeed because you will learn as you attack the challenge.



Elise Stevens women in STEM

Name: Elise Stevens

Role: STEM Career Tactician

Career Advice/Tip:

Be agile in your approach to your career. Things change and being able to respond/adapt quickly will help you future proof your career


Happy International Women’s Day 2021,

Elise Stevens