Podcast 69 – Career Planning Tips for Project Managers

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Podcast 69 - Career Planning Tips for Project Managers

About This Podcast:

Do you have a plan for your career? Does your plan include your life goals? In this Podcast with Christine Litera discusses the importance of identifying what things are important to you (work goals, life goals) in setting your career plans.

Not everyone needs a structured career plan. For those that require a very structured career plan it is important to remain flexible so as to adapt to the changing work environment and supporting technology. Christine Litera, HR Director from Chrysallis Consulting, shares her valuable experience in career planning to assist you to achieve the career goals you desire.

Key Points Raised in the Podcast:

  • Important to factor in any “life goals” into a career plan – no point in having a plan that only has your work priorities
  • Keeping pace with technology changes is important to ensuring your skills remain relevant
  • Career planning is important and not important – depending upon what you value as important
  • Removing the “surface clutter” from your mind allows you to focus and identify your life/career goals
  • Things change, a plan is just a plan
  • How a mentor can assist you to grow and develop
  • Just because you don’t have plan doesn’t mean that you will not have a successful career

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