Podcast: When To Make The Leap From Employee To Business Owner, With Clarice Lin

Clarice Lin is a Marketing Strategist, Speaker and Business Coach who helps clients to adopt a data driven approach when it comes to their marketing. She helps them market their business and brand as well as get more customers and inbound leads using LinkedIn and other online channels. In this interview, she discusses the journey she took from being an IT professional in Singapore, to running a London branding agency.

Clarice started out in IT but, altered her plans after discovering that she lacked the passion for it. She left her job for one in business analysis, and worked as a data analyst after that.

Throughout her life she dreamt of creating a stand-out creative opportunity and working overseas.

Thanks to a government-sponsored working holiday visa collaboration between England and Singapore, she was able to visit London. Entering the job market during the recession meant that jobs were scarce – and she only had a year to secure a permanent job and residency status.

Her next opportunity was in a company transitioning from print to digital as its core focus. Here her dream of running her own business started and after making the necessary changes and preparations she founded BaselineLabs.


  • The idea to run your own business is driven by a fear of stagnating or fear of the unknown
  • Before going at it on your own, have several months of money saved up as padding for emergencies
  • Never pass up an opportunity to network with entrepreneurs beforehand
  • When given advice, consider what a person’s gone through and if they have firsthand experience
  • Ask questions. The worst response you can get is ‘no’, but you’ll find that most people want to help


Clarice Lin is a London Growth Marketer, Strategist and BaselineLabs Founder. Her growth marketing and rebranding agency helps businesses to find their target audience using online channels, and then converting prospective customers into paying clients.

She’s always been passionate about working with entrepreneurs and business owners to achieve lasting profitability in their businesses. This passion was born from many years of experience at various Fortune 500 and global specialist media companies, where she taught her colleagues how to get more accurate, up-to-date information and knowledge to make better business decisions.

Clarice is a regular contributor on MAQTOOB, the #1 publication for entrepreneurs. You can connect with her on LinkedIn, or find out more about BaselineLabs here.

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