Ingrid Bayer explains to us how to build a career as a virtual assistant

When Ingrid Bayer first stumbled upon an opportunity to become a virtual assistant, she didn’t actually know what that meant. But before long she was earning three times her last salary – all in the comfort of her own home.

Virtual assistants (VAs) are contractors who provide services online from their own home office. Some VAs provide specialised services such as social media management, marketing, website development, bookkeeping, and copywriting while others provide the services of a secretary or personal assistant, only they often work for a number of clients at once.

In this podcast, Ingrid explains to Elise Stevens how a bad case of workplace bullying inspired her to find a new career opportunity. Based in the small New South Wales town of Taree, Ingrid knew her options were limited and she filtered through endless Get Rich Quick schemes before eventually stumbling upon the virtual assistant industry. She’s never looked back.


  • What does a career as a VA look like?
  • How to build a career as a VA.
  • How to be an assistant to more than one person at a time.
  • How to make your career location-independent.
  • The value of moonlighting in a new career before taking the plunge.
  • The impact of working from home on family life.
  • How leaving a toxic work environment can change your life.


virtual assistant careers podcast with Ingrid BayerAfter starting her career in administrative and secretarial work, Ingrid Bayer has spent three decades building a sound knowledge of business administration and developing an ability to think outside the square. She has dipped her toes into a variety of industries including photography, IT, entertainment, stockbroking, legal, real estate and medical.

In 2008, she started operating as a virtual assistant (VA) from her home office in regional New South Wales and within two years had grown her business to including managing and overseeing a team of VAs. She now works with executive assistants and personal assistants from around Australia and across the word, helping them make the transition to becoming successful virtual assistants.

You can connect with Ingrid on LinkedIn, order her book Discover the Authentic VA Within: A Journey from EA to VA or check out the VA Institute website.

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