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Podcast: Customer engagement and experience

Futureproof Your Career
Futureproof Your Career
Podcast: Customer engagement and experience

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Let’s talk about customer engagement and experience

customer-engagement-Carolyn McSweeney Grant

In this podcast, Elise Stevens speaks with Carolyn McSweeney-Grant about customer engagement and how that relates to stakeholder engagement and project management.

Carolyn is the managing director of 6peas Marketing and Engagement, a customer engagement, leadership, and employee engagement branding firm. For the last 10 years, 6peas has been driving a customer centric framework, focused on customer experience and creating “sharable” moments.

With qualifications in commerce, marketing and retail management, and nearly 20 years’ experience managing brands, products and portfolios, Carolyn is a customer experience expert.

She is adept at addressing competitive threats, changes in consumer demand and responding to significant corporate financial pressure. She believes outperforming competitors is about delivering a superior customer experience.

Points raised in this podcast

  • The customer is the key stakeholder. Without them, there is no business.
  • Customer experience and engagement is gaining prominence in project management.
  • Senior management and CEOs are increasingly saying they need to implement customer engagement strategies – not many are doing so.
  • Customers interact with every facet of businesses, but often they’re siloed into small areas, for example a bank may ask its customer to deal with separate departments for personal banking, investments, insurance etc.
  • When a customer receives a great experience they are more likely to be loyal.
  • The benchmark for great customer service keeps rising.
  • Many project teams still do not have a customer experience manager.
  • Customers simply want to know that someone is listening.
  • A journey map can be a good way to identify issues with the customer experience.
  • It is critical that project teams and employee teams have the customer in mind – unengaged employees will not provide a positive customer experience.
  • Project managers are often very good at communication internally, but can struggle with external stakeholders like customers.
  • Including the customer from the very first stakeholder analysis will help to ensure they are not forgotten.

You can connect with Carolyn on LinkedIn.

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