Podcast: Designing your career with Anastasia Dinos

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Podcast: Designing your career with Anastasia Dinos

DESIGNING YOUR CAREER with Anastasia Dinos

When Anastasia Dinos finished school, she chose to move straight into the workforce and hold off on further study until she knew what she wanted to be when she grew up.

She had no idea it would take until her 40s to figure it out.

For 23 years Anastasia worked for the same bank, first as a teller, and then later in insurance, as a personal assistant, and in project management before finally landing a role in innovation, which really exposed her creative streak.

Those two decades gifted her valuable professional and personal development. She learned negotiation, people management, and goal setting, but also how to construct business and marketing plans, as well as financial planning and forecasting.

All of these skills proved vital just over a year ago when she took a voluntary redundancy to start her own interior design business. She has now completed a Certificate IV in Interior Design and is working towards a Diploma. As she explains to Elise Stevens, her career has been a rollercoaster ride – but she’d do it all again in a heartbeat, if only she could get enough sleep.


  • The value of following your passion.
  • How to adapt your skills from one career path to another.
  • Why the worst case scenario usually isn’t that bad.
  • The danger of boredom.
  • Why you should be careful not to burn bridges – even accidentally!
  • The importance of finding something that stimulates and inspires you – even if it’s not at work.


designing your career profile Anastasia DinosSelf-confessed home wares addict Anastasia Dinos is the founder of Mood Design. She creates stunning interior spaces by tapping into how our environment influences our emotions.

Over 20 years in the corporate industry, Anastasia’s natural creative flair consistently emerged as her greatest strength. Her experience in leadership, customer experience and people management means she is well equipped to truly understand her client’s needs.

Anastasia holds an Advanced Diploma in Business Management and Project Management, a Certificate IV in Interior Design and is working towards a Diploma of Interior Design.

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