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Podcast 108 – Digital Project Managers

Podcast 108 – Digital Project Managers

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Let’s talk about digital project managers

In this podcast, Petra Zink speaks with Elise Stevens about the unique combination of skills digital project managers need and why women in particular should seriously consider a job in that space.

Digital is the latest buzzword in project management, and with a background in projects, technology, and recruitment, Petra Zink knows exactly how to make the leap into this new and exciting career path.

Petra worked in product and brand management for Subway Australia, Campari Australia and Birds Eye before moving into recruitment. She is currently Manager of Technology and Digital at Stella Technology, combining her passion for digital with creativity. Petra is also a Director of Women in Digital, which provides mentoring, inspiration, training and development opportunities for women in digital industries to ensure women are at the forefront of the digital revolution.

Points raised in this podcast: 

  • Digital transformation and innovation is still a relatively new concept in Australia.
  • It is important digital project managers have both the technical skills to execute a project, as well as the interpersonal and communication skills to develop good relationships with stakeholders.
  • Digital specialists are often very good with analytics and data but can find it difficult to translate that into recommendations and outcomes for the customer.
  • Having emotional intelligence and knowing the right questions to ask the customer are important traits for digital project managers.
  • Project managers who want to work in digital should try to find a mentor in digital project management and seek their advice.
  • Working for an agency can mean you are exposed to digital projects for a wide variety of customers.
  • The digital project management industry is largely male-dominated.
  • Women can have a tendency to underestimate their capability but should seriously consider moving into digital project management as their experience and skills are in higher demand than they may realise.
  • Networking is essential for project managers wanting to move into the digital space.
  • Digital project management can mean greater work flexibility than traditional project management.

If you’re a woman thinking about a career in digital, visit the Women in Digital website to find an event near you, or connect with Petra on LinkedIn.

Listen to the Podcast below about digital project managers:

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  1. Gail Creighton-Davies
    Gail Creighton-Davies says:

    Excellent article and totally agree, more ladies need to step up for these roles as they have the EQ to fully understand the business need / opportunity / problem to be solved.
    Those writing the roles should ensure the language used won’t put off any suitably skilled applicant regardless of gender, race etc.

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