Podcast: Embracing change with Paulette Oldfield

Futureproof Your Career
Futureproof Your Career
Podcast: Embracing change with Paulette Oldfield

EMBRACING CHANGE with Paulette Oldfield

Today Paulette Oldfield shares her career story of becoming a change and agile specialist.

Paulette is a Project Manager, Agile subject matter expert and Certified Scrum Master who specialises in Agile coaching, development and Change Management. A pragmatic approach with a ‘start it, finish it’ mindset who thrives on challenges and a passion for problem solving.

With a proven capability in building and nurturing relationships, Paulette has been involved in many projects across private and public sectors in large organisations over a range of industries including Finance, Government and Mining. She has worked with a range of people from Senior Politicians to staff at the coal face.

Paulette is accredited in Change, Agile, LEAN and Consulting with skills across facilitation, presentation and performance management, to name a few. From the implementation of a major procurement transformation into a complex environment, to the delivery of information and reporting systems within tight timeframes where others had failed to deliver, Paulette enjoys working in dynamic environments.


  • How Paulette dealt with being the only female with over 120 males in a mining site to being a change and agile specialist with the Queensland Government
  • How embracing change has helped Paulette have a exciting and diverse career
  • How boredom and environment can help you to identify when it is time to change roles or organisations
  • The importance of networking and micro learning to build relationships and create your own opportunities
  • Being the right frame of mind to help remain relevant and to learn new things
  • How Paulette is transiting a government based department into a collaborative space with entrepreneurs and startups and the lessons learnt along the way
  • The importance of a close network of friends when dealing with adversity in life and at work
  • Using diplomacy and knowing when is the right time to communicate ideas and concerns
  • Why showing gratitude for the adversities in your life and career is so important
  • Surrounding yourself with mentors that allow you to learn and grow from

You can connect with Paulette on LinkedIn.


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