Podcast: Embracing the social sciences, with Elissa Farrow

Podcast: Embracing the social sciences, with Elissa Farrow
Age Defying Careers

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Choosing a path after high school was simple for Elissa Farrow; she just wanted to help people. After her dad died when she was just 14, Elissa became involved in a number of peer-led learning groups. These experiences became the launching pad for her eventual enrolment in a Bachelor of Social Science.

After completing her undergraduate degree, Elissa took a job providing online and telephone counseling and community education about domestic and family violence. From there she moved into a variety of government roles, rising up the ranks until she was exposed to project, portfolio and program management, as well as change management.

After initially starting a small coaching business on the side of her government work, Elissa has now been her own boss for six years. As she explains to Elise Stevens, the people skills she learnt in her Bachelor of Social Science have been infinitely valuable in navigating her career and professional relationships.


  • Why people skills will always be important – no matter how technology progresses.
  • The value of taking a small step into your own business, rather than a giant leap.
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to ask the people around you for advice.
  • Why you should seek out opportunities for leadership development.
  • Mentoring as a dual-learning activity.
  • The importance of having goals and laying out a career plan.
  • The importance of engaging with people openly about where you want to take your career.
  • The importance of making sure your legal, ethical and insurance bases are covered.
  • What is value-driven work?


social science Elissa Farrow podcastElissa Farrow launched About Your Transition in 2009 with the goal of improving organisational performance through the successful design, implementation and embedding of complex change.  About Your Transition provides business and corporate growth solutions that are tailor-made to the clients’ situations and requirements.

Elissa believes every individual and organisation has a positive contribution to make and the tools to make that contribution. That contribution could be as small as making a difference in the life of one person, to changing the course and strategic direction of a large global organisation.

You can connect with Elissa on LinkedIn or check out her business About Your Transition.

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