Fresh Friday 22 April 2016 – 6 Dynamic Articles about Digital Project Management

The selection this week is all about the world of Digital Project Management

  • Brett Harned

    Great post about the principles (or missing principles) for digital project management

  • Creative Jar

    Creative Jar always write great blog posts and this one is all about the alternative digital project management job description.

  • Attercopia

    5 rules for perfect digital project management

  • A list apart

    This post covers how a design team improved their communication with their clients through structure. I think that the concepts discussed in the post can be used by all suppliers/vendors working with their customers

  • Brownstone

    I liked that this post examines how to receive feedback – perhaps it is easier to give feedback than receive ????

  • Squareweave

    Great advice about how to develop a digital strategy

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