Welcome to the first blog post for Age Defying Careers. I am so excited about this new website and how I can help women over 40 be confident in their careers.

What better place to start than discussing the journey of finding your passion.

Being stuck in a dead-end job or one you simply hate can erode your self-confidence. It can be soul destroying. I know because I have been there. You may be working in a bad environment or struggling to stay optimistic as your opportunities dwindle, all while trying to remember what even brought you down this road and what it is that you truly enjoy. What is your passion?

Frankly, I think women over 40 are getting a raw deal in the workplace.

And it’s even worse if you’re working part time. Career planning and development is inconsistent and often poor. Sure, training and mentors may be available but these opportunities are usually reserved for young high-flyers or those in senior management. This leaves women over 40 left out in the cold when they should be in their prime.

While this familiar scenario sounds all doom and gloom, I’m here to tell you that your future is vibrant and full of colour and you are the one who will make it that way.

How do you find your passion? There is no magic recipe for success. Rather it is a voyage of discovery; a series of incremental steps to your goals.

Here are 3 ways to start in the quest of Finding Your Passion:

1: Understand yourself and what makes you happy in your career

It is important to understand who you are, what your values are and what makes you happy in your career. Things change. What fills your life with joy and purpose today may not be what made you happy two years ago, and may not be what makes you happy in twelve months.

The same goes for your career. Your career aspirations two years ago, may not be relevant today and may not be important in twelve months’ time. I can remember in my early thirties I was keen to be a CIO. At that time, I thought ‘Why not? Why, it would be an interesting and exciting role!’ Now I can’t think of anything worse.

Take time for self-reflection so you can identify the things that make you happy in your life and career.

2: Never stop learning

Listening to and reading about other people’s stories is a great way to find your passion. Suggested approaches include:

  • Talking to your friends and relatives about what makes them happy
  • Listening to Podcasts by inspirational people about how they found their passion and drive
  • Reading biographies
  • Following inspirational people on social media

3: Believe in yourself and your skills

One of the keys to be being confident is believing in yourself and your skills and abilities. If you don’t believe in yourself who else will? When negative thoughts creep in, resist the urge to wallow and think about your achievements and goals instead.

I hope you’re just as excited as me to dive into blog posts and podcasts from inspirational women over 40 sharing their journeys to great careers.

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