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Podcast 85 – Five Myths About Personal Development Everyone Should Know with Alli Polin

Podcast 85 – Five Myths About Personal Development Everyone Should Know with Alli Polin

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Leap into a more powerful and purposeful future using personal development tools

In this podcast, I speak with Founder and CEO of Break The Frame, expert change management professional Alli Polin who shares her take on leadership and how to make the leap into a more powerful and purposeful future using personal development tools.

Alli is focused on incorporating fresh perspectives to leadership and unleashing your better self in the work environment and in life.

As a gifted, genuine, connected speaker, Alli’s currently lives in central Australia and is an acclaimed speaker, executive coach and regularly conducts team building and organisational development exercises.

Points raised in this podcast:

The Five Myths Of Personal Growth & Development

  • MYTH 1 – There is a finish line – with any personal growth or personal development that you take on, it is important to realise that there is no end point. Long-term growth is essential, always.
  • MYTH 2 – A jolt of inspiration will equal long term change – inspiration is not long term change.
  • MYTH 3 – There is a competition for self-actualisation – everyone is doing something and there is a lot of pressure to be ‘good’ at something. There is no competition, your growth and development doesn’t need to look anything like your neighbour.
  • MYTH 4 – Habits once formed stick around forever – we need to remember that we have choices
  • MYTHS 5 – If you’re not changing you’re being left behind – everyone takes their own time to assimilate change. Until you go through that change you don’t really have room and you need to give yourself space to change.

More points raised in the podcast:

  • The pressure is constant especially in the social space where personal development pressure has been increased with social media platforms.
  • Separating the noise can be a challenge and getting caught up in buzzwords can be ineffective. Being kind to yourself is essential.
  • Find your own place and pace, let go of the sense that you need to compete with anyone else’s leadership or life. Your story is your own and it is not worth competing with anyone else.
  • Change the way you look at ‘SMART’ goals – consider looking at focusing on specific, measure, attainable, resonant and thrilling goals.
  • What do you do when life feels like a hamster wheel? To keep that spark alive you need to make choices that help you take action and do more about what you want to do.
  • Instead of putting pressure on yourself, if you fall off the wagon and feel pressure on where you are at professionally be kind to yourself and have ‘inward’ compassion and let go and then focus on growing.
  • Failure can be considered as part of the innovation cycle, with this in mind in many organisations it is not outwardly acknowledged that is it ok to fail.
  • Sometimes innovating a process without innovating a culture means often things are bound to fail. There are always takeaways from these experiences but failure is not necessarily a bad thing.

Top tip for personal development from Alli is – do something that makes you feel alive, for some people it is networking, retreats, reading books — always focus on doing something that feeds you and challenges you and stretches your thinking in new and unexpected ways.

Top tip from me – Really look inside yourself and find that spark or promise if it doesn’t already exist.

Check out Alli’s website Break The Frame to find out more about effective personal success and the five myths about personal development everyone should know about.

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