Fresh Friday 11 March 2016 – 6 Posts Celebrating International Women’s Day

Here are 6 posts to celebrate international women’s day from some of my favourite bloggers


  • Susanne Madsen

    Susanne is a passionate blogger about how we can become better leaders. Her posts are always brilliant, offering the reader content to inspire and encourage.

  • Laura Barnard/PMO Strategies

    I was fortunate to interview Laura recently and enjoyed our conversation about how people are really not resistant to change. Her posts are always very insightful and informative.

  • Jana Axline

    Jana is a fantastic blogger. Her posts are always fabulous.

  • Naomi Caietti/ProjectManagement.COM

    Naomi is the founder and CEO of The Glassbreakers. This organisation inspires women to lead.I always enjoy Naomi’s posts and how she offers leadership to women in project management.

This list showcases a small sample of the many fabulous women who lead and manage projects. Happy International Women’s Day

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