Fresh Friday 06 February 2015 – What Caught My Attention This Week

Here are the blog posts and articles that caught my attention this week:


  • Agile 42

    A great post about when not coach

  • Project Place

    I think we are all about taking the complexity out of projects and I thought this blog post about how visuals can help simplify projects was great,

  • Gina Abudi

    With organisations seeming like they are in endless change – employees probably do feel that they are change fatigue. So how can you as a leader engage positively with team members that appear burnt out? This post offers some ideas about how to engage in this situation.

  • Capita

    How can you apply gamification to project delivery? I thought this was a great article about how to apply gamification to projects to help improve the success of projects

  • Knowledge Train

    Great step by step guide about how to implement social media tools on your project.

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