Fresh Friday 08 January 2016 – What Caught My Attention This Week

Here are the blog posts and articles that caught my attention this week – celebrating exceptional project management;

  • Mike Clayton

    Some days in project land – it is all about influence and persuasion. In this post from Mike Clayton , he provides a great how to guide on influence and persuasion.

  • Pledge Consulting

    Having a effective team that supports the project delivery, is very important to project success. This article examines how to build effective teams.

  • Clever PM

    Fantastic post about 12 principles of agile

  • Celoxis

    It can be shock coming back to work after a holiday. This post examines how to beat the post holiday blues

  • Intuit Quickbase

    Finding inefficiencies in business processes can be tricky. This post examines how to find them and more importantly how to fix them

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