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Fresh Friday 10 April 2015 – What Caught My Attention This Week

Here are the blog posts and articles that caught my attention this week:

  • Project Times

    Another great article about how collaboration helps to ensure project success

  • Cobalt PM

    It is always great to find articles that give you great tips and strategies on how to get your project team working effectively. This post is an example of one such article.

  • Colin D Ellis

    A great blog post about how the behaviour of the Project Manager can influence the outcome of the project.

  • Project Management Hacks

    While it may not be spring in all parts of the world, this blog post provides great advice about how to renew your leadership. This is worth a read.

  • Brett Harned

    Some days in project land, you really do need true grit to survive. This article shares wisdom about the importance of being courageous when delivering projects.

  • Tony Adams

    Tony Adams provides great insight into the concept that great planning is a journey.




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