Fresh Friday 11 September 2015 – What Caught My Attention This Week

Here are the blog posts and articles that caught my attention this week;

  • Creative Room 4 Talk

    Great post about how the 5 attributes to encourage creative people. The attributes are:

    1. Flexibility.
    2. Curiosity.
    3. Freedom from ego.
    4. Open-mindedness.
    5. Positivity.

    We can also use these attributes to encourage our project teams. Be an exceptional leader and encourage your project team to adopt these behaviours.

  • Strategic Monk

    My favourite quote from this article is “Each of us has the ability to become an effective leader within us“. An inspirational article about showcasing your leadership skills.

  • Delta Knowledge

    I had never consider agile techniques to be used in knowledge management. Upon reflection, agile techniques fit well with the knowledge management lifecycle. Interesting reading.

  • Project

    What a great title – Unleash Your Creativity to Ensure Portfolio Success. I love posts about how creativity enhances projects, programs and portfolios. Long live creativity.

  • DDLS

    I am a recent convert to user stories and use cases, I enjoyed this article and thought you would as well. User stories and use cases give life to requirements – the heart and soul perhaps.

  • Becky Blalock

    Something a bit different – a confidence checklist. Use it to improve your confidence


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