Fresh Friday 13 March 2015 – What Caught My Attention This Week

No Black Friday blog posts caught my attention this week – however a virtual smorgasbord of other great articles that caught my attention.

  • Information Age

    A great article about obtaining buy in from employees in the selection of collaboration tools.

  • Celoxis

    Life for Project Managers is changing, for the better. It is important for Project Managers to stay relevant as our project delivery world changes. This blog post examines how to future proof your project management career.

  • Comindware

    Examines how a bottoms up approach to project delivery can improve collaboration and lead to improved project outcomes.

  • Shesquad

    Great blog about the benefits of a collaborative culture and technology that supports it.

  • Matrix Management Institute

    Delivering projects using a matrix resourcing model can be challenging. In this blog post, 7 tips for leading a matrix project team are examined.




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