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Fresh Friday 13 November 2015 – What Caught My Attention This Week

Here are the blog posts and articles that caught my attention this week;

  • Celoxis

    Project Management Offices (PMO) can sometimes be seen as a group that is there to critique the work of others and add no real value in the project delivery process. Refreshing to see a blog post about how this groups can add value

  • Shepherdwise

    Another fabulous PMO article – Eight signs that you need a PMO

  • Transparent Choice

    Great article about how to use the wisdom of a shepherd and apply this to turning around a failing PMO

  • Cobalt PM

    Terrible projects can be soul destroying – bonding with your team and having fantastic team meetings can make horrible projects a bit better

  • PM Hut

    I love this – Know Your Enemies no 1 – The HR Department. In my worklife I have worked with some great HR Departments and some not so great ones. Great post from PM Hut


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