Fresh Friday 19 February 2016 – 6 Marvelous Project Leadership Articles

Here are 6 marvelous project leadership articles;

  • Sherpa Insurance

    Great article about how to recover when engagement goes off the rails

  • Change Guides

    In our digital world, people still prefer to interact face to face – A fantastic article

  • Appirio

    This post examines the importance of delegation. Delegation is one of key components of a great leader.

  • Agile Pain Relief

    Agile is a fantastic approach to delivering customer outcomes. Yet some organisations jump on the agile bandwagon just because everyone else is doing it. Agile should be adopted because it fits the requirements of the organisation.

  • Lou Sauder

    Sometimes respect can be hard to find on projects. This post provides thoughts on how you can deliver projects with respect.

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