Fresh Friday 26 December 2014 – My Top Ten Favourite Blog Posts for 2014

As 2014 comes to an end and 2015 tantalises us with future promise. here are my top ten blog posts for 2014:


  • Colin Ellis

    Colin’s blog post about the future of project management was fantastic.  Spoiler alert – exceptional project management is not about the process – it is about the outcome.

  • Wellingtone

    What sought of Project Manager do you want to be? We have a choice about how great we want to be as Project Managers and this blog post examines that idea.

  • Creative Jar

    What a great title – Project Managers are a bunch  of nannies. A great read about delivering digital projects for customers.

  • Cobalt PM

    Great title for a blog post – Would James Bond make a great Project Manager ?


    While project management training and certification is important – it doesn’t guarantee that you will be a great project manager. Read about the 8 myths of project management training.

  • Intuit - QuickBase

    Do you sometimes annoy your manager ? Do you know if you are annoying your manager ? This is a great list of things that you may be doing to annoy your manager.

  • Thinking Portfolio

    This post examines how to make an ordinary Project Manager a great Project Manager.

  • PM For The Masses

    PM for the Masses is a great blog site with lots of relevant Podcasts. In this Podcast, Cesar Abeid interviews Dorie Clark about how to reinvent yourself.

  • Susanne Madsen

    Susanne examines why projects continue to fail and what we can do about it.

  • PM Alliance

    In this Blog post, PM Alliance examines what professional athletes can teach project managers about negotiation.



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