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Fresh Friday 26 September 2014 – What Caught My Attention This Week

  • UMT

    It is always great to find articles about the importance of creativity in delivering successful project outcomes. Long live creativity.

  • My PM

    For smaller organisations, does having a robust project management framework create unnecessary overheads? As this article establishes, it is all about having the right framework that assists organisations rather then hindering it.

  • Better Sheepdog

    This blog post examines the link between Newton’s First Law of Motion – objects will travel in the same direction unless acted on by an external force. A correlation between people and training to achieve organisational change is examined.

  • Soft PMO

    In your project communication plan, have you included any “mobile” channels in your approach? Do you need to include mobile channels? Soft PMO provides an overview of the advantages of the mobile channels.

  • Cobalt PM

    This blog post provides an overview on the importance of body language for Project Managers.

  • Quay Consulting

    Overviews the fine line between technology leading edge and bleeding edge.

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