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Fresh Friday 29 August 2014 – What Caught My Attention This Week

Here are the blog posts and articles that caught my attention this week

  • Glentworth Consulting

    Justifying knowledge management initiatives can be tricky. Creatiag an environment where knowledge management is valued is equally difficult. In this blog post Corey Banks from Glentworth examines how build a knowledge centric culture in small steps.

  • PM Alliance

    What strategies can you employ to ensure knowledge transfer to your team members in the world of outsourcing ? This blog post overviews some approaches that can be employed to ensure that knowledge transfer is maintained.

  • Colin Ellis

    What does the future hold for project management? When shaping the future of project management what should we as practitioners be thinking about? Colin Ellis highlights ideas about how we change project management for the future. A great blog post.

  • Quay Consulting

    Is the ERP dead or simply not breathing well? In the world  of SaaS  solutions and improved middleware connectivity, do ERP solutions offer the same value as before? Some interesting thoughts in this blog post from Quay Consulting.

  • Easy in Theory, Difficult in Practice

    How much is too much project governance? Why do organisations fear project governance? This blog post examines why we should not fear project governance.

  • Nine Feet Tall

    Fresh Friday would not be complete without an article about Change Management. In this blog post, an overview of Change Manager is examined.

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