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Fresh Friday 4 July 2014 – What Caught My Attention This Week


Here are the articles and blog posts that caught my attention this week


  • Best Outcome – This post examines the importance of the PMO to establish the structure/drum beat for project delivery within an organisation
  • UMT 360 – Provides advice on how to overcome roadblocks in IT investment within organisations
  • Dale Myers – As always Dale presents some interesting thoughts about how Benjamin Franklin was the first project manager
  • Project Management Insight – Karen presents thoughts why Post Implementation Reviews are a waste of time as lessons learnt seem to disappear into a black hole
  • PM Alliance – As always a great blog post about the importance of clearly defining the scope of the project to limit the amount of scope creep on a project
  • Kahootz – Examines the importance of adapting communication channels/approaches to suit each key stakeholder to maximise the potential of project success
  • Axero Solutions – Examines the return on investment on intranets






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