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Fresh Friday – 8 August 2014 – What Caught My Attention This Week

Here are the blog posts and articles that caught my attention this week:


  • Tony Adams

    How can you make a blog post about WBS interesting? Well Tony has done it with how the WBS is cool

  • PM For the Masses

    PM for the Masses always has great Podcasts. This Podcast is about managing large projects in Latin America. Cesar is up to Podcast number 46 and all his Podcasts can be found on iTunes and his website www.pmforthemasses.com.

  • Project Times

    A great article about seven deadly sins in project management.

  • Eight2Late

    As Project Managers we know that the culture of an organisation is a factor in how successful a project is. How receptive an organisation is to change is a key indicator to how successful a project is going to be. This is a great article about this topic.

  • Nine Feet Tall

    Strong and effective leadership is a key skill that a Project Manager needs to deliver a successful project. This article examines what it takes to be a leader.

  • Glentworth Consulting

    With the increased use of SaaS and other cloud services, it can sometimes be opaque as to how secure your information is in the cloud. This article by Glentworth Consulting provides some great advice about information privacy planning.

  • Axero Solutions

    Thoughts about how a social intranet can be used as a document management system.


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