Podcast: Getting into the driver’s seat with Raylene Pruess

Elise Stevens
Podcast: Getting into the driver's seat with Raylene Pruess


Raylene Pruess has been in the driving seat of her career ever since the day she left school and decided to ditch Schoolies celebrations for a course on “How to Get A Job”.

Raylene’s first job was in administration for residential real estate before she moved into property management and leadership. After more than 10 years and too many calls from disgruntled tenants, she decided to take a step out of public view, opting for a back-of-house role in commercial real estate.

More recently, several years in the corporate and financial years have seen Raylene working in a variety of administration and executive assistant roles. But it wasn’t until a mentor pointed out that she was “born to work in project management” that she realised she’d been doing exactly that in some capacity for most of her career.

As she explains to Elise Stevens in this podcast, our careers don’t have to rest on the changing of the winds, we need to get into the driver’s seat.


  • When your colleagues become your friends for life.
  • Why it’s ok to step back for a while if your job has you face-to-face with the public.
  • Finding the fun in a stressful situation.
  • Ignoring self-doubt.
  • Why you’re not only qualified for the roles you’ve already held.
  • The importance of mentors.
  • How being the primary breadwinner can affect your relationship and your career.
  • The importance of active listening.
  • Finding a safe place to develop your career.


Getting into the driver's seat with Raylene PruessRaylene Pruess works in project and program management for Suncorp and is the Treasurer of communication and leadership development group SCALE Toastmasters in Brisbane. She has enjoyed a successful career in both residential and commercial real estate, as well as the corporate and financial industries.

You can connect with Raylene on LinkedIn.

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