Podcast #206: Gina Covarrubius – Why do we get our careers wrong?

Futureproof Your Career
Futureproof Your Career
Podcast #206: Gina Covarrubius – Why do we get our careers wrong?

Podcast #206: Gina Covarrubius – Why do we get our careers wrong?

High-achieving graduates leave university with high expectations of their future careers. They’ve often been led to believe their good grades will translate into plum roles with big salaries so they can be disheartened if they don’t land the dream job they’d envisaged.

Life coach Gina Covarrubius graduated university with an engineering degree and a hefty student debt, and soon realised she’d been sold a falsehood that her hard work would be automatically and generously rewarded.

In this podcast, Gina speaks to Elise Stevens about why we get our careers wrong and how they can make us happy if we change our perspective.

Points raised in this podcast:

  • Career satisfaction is about the journey not the destination but many of us are still focused on specific outcomes.
  • Clinging to the next promotion or pay rise often leads to disappointment.
  • Corporate environments often encourage competition and comparison between employees but this can be damaging to self-esteem and career satisfaction.
  • A career should be built on three pillars: service to others, self-development and legacy.
  • Career goals should be flexible without emotional attachment and should change over time.
  • There is a disconnect between the learning that happens in the classroom and the working world, leaving graduates with unrealistic expectations.
    University often teaches the science of the job but not the art of working with people, particularly in STEM degrees.

About Gina:

Gina Covarrubias is a Certified Life Coach with a B.S. Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering from Purdue University and M.S. Mechanical Engineering and University of Utah.

Her distinctive background blends life coaching expertise with 12+ years engineering/technology experience in government, academia, and corporate aerospace. 

Gina founded Deliberate Doing LLC, an exclusive STEM coaching service dedicated to helping technical professionals defeat career despair. She solves the common STEM problem: “Where is my dream job?” As a former engineer, she can identify with technical experts who question their personal or professional existence

You can connect with Gina on LinkedIn.


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