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Podcast 77 – Great Risk Management with Carl Pritchard

Podcast 77 – Great Risk Management with Carl Pritchard

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Great risk management with Carl Pritchard

In this podcast US risk management expert Carl Pritchard speaks with Elise about great risk management.

Carl Pritchard is the principal and founder of Pritchard Management Associates. He is recognized lecturer, author, researcher, and instructor. As a lecturer he is considered a leading authority on risk and communications management and presents on a variety of management topics, ranging from project essentials to the complexities of network diagramming and team motivation. As an author and researcher, he has published articles on project management language, advances in risk management, and on the challenges of training on the Internet.

Carl regularly consults and coaches on project management, presentation skills, risk, distance learning, and course development with a variety of organizations. He serves on the board of directors and presents podcasts for

Points raised in this podcast:

  • Stuff happens, it doesn’t make the project good or bad. Recognising this is key to identifying risk management.
  • On the fly or ‘cowboy’ activity is not good risk management.
  • Agile can incorporate risk management effectively. Implementing agile properly is a very effective risk management practice. Agile delivers benefit earlier however some people abuse this term.
  • Risk management from bad press and project managers aren’t always engaged with the process. Risk is an opportunity and good news if it is framed properly. Finding risk is a great win for project management as risk management is pro-active.
  • To communicate effectively risks associated with the project it’s important to ask questions. We need to make the risk management conversation about them.
  • Find the bright light that stakeholders are looking for and when you know their target you will be able to change their workplace – find out ‘how they want the world to look different’ once the project is done.
  • As a project manager taking the time to find out what the stakeholders want at the end of the process is key for a successful project.
  • Using the right language when you are speaking to steering committees and using a common language when you are communicating will assist to convey great risk management.
  • Framing risk in a certain way can turn the conversation to what stakeholders need and what they are looking for.
  • Practice communicating up the food chain – empathy helps risk management.
  • Get everyone to learn how to say ‘risk’ – finding out what the real risk is and define the ‘thing’ that will happen and the ‘cause’. We need both pieces for risk management to work.
  • In risk management, use full sentences for risk. It is a powerful tool. Avoid communicating risk in one word.
  • Love risk management and don’t treat it as the poor child and the task you have to do.

To find out more about risk management and how to focus on great risk management visit Carl’s website or email Carl Pritchard directly for more info or to ask questions on risk management

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