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Podcast: Helen Hull – Successfully leading a Project Management team

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Futureproof Your Career
Podcast: Helen Hull – Successfully leading a Project Management team


Podcast: Successfully leading a Project Management team, with Helen Hull

Helen Hull is a Project Specialist who specialises in Portfolio Project Management. Having lead many teams consisting of a diverse number of Project Management professionals, she understands the challenges of dealing with different egos, attitudes and situations where everyone wants to be in control. With decades of experience in governance, portfolio management, program management and senior project management in commercial and public sectors, she has developed finely-tuned stakeholder engagement and organisational skills.

Helen believes that when bigger projects have various Project Managers dedicated to different areas they’re responsible for, harmony is possible as long as nobody crosses boundaries, and respects each other. In fact, with the right culture, skillset and experience, she feels it can be quite easy.

It’s just one of the many factors she believes is important when successfully leading a Project Management team. Having advised executives and key business stakeholders on the above for business strategic and benefit purposes, she knows exactly how important a strong core team is.

Points raised in this podcast with Helen Hull:

  • The dynamic of a project shifts throughout its lifecycle.
  • Success in leadership often comes down to having the right composite of vendors, funding and Project Managers in place.
  • You’ll need to get the buy-in of key stakeholders or sponsors.
  • Project Managers need to fit both the project and its stakeholders as well.
  • When you can choose your Project Managers, you’ll need to make time-based contingencies for mentoring, creating buddy programs, or sending them on training to overcome learning deficiencies.
  • Having an exceptional Organisational Change Manager is invaluable, but Change Management is often underfunded and overlooked.
  • The political power plays and fights for position in projects can be taxing and emotionally draining.
  • Too much change, too soon, can create unease and concerns over job losses.
  • A common challenge is having good ideas at strategic level, and having individual departments not respond to them.
  • For a Project Manager to perform at their peak, they must be self-aware and know what they need to do to protect themselves by taking ownership.
  • Project Managers must be able to be resilient, rely on analytics and be aware of their objectives, without burning bridges.
  • Listening and communicating tactfully can result in better delivery.

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