Podcast 100 – How to be more resilient

Futureproof Your Career
Futureproof Your Career
Podcast 100 - How to be more resilient

Let’s talk about how project managers can become more resilient

In the 100th Fix My Project Chaos podcast, Elise Stevens quizzes change management experts Kerryn Fewster and Vicki Daniel on how project managers can become more resilient.

Kerryn is a founding director of Change2020, which partners with Australian businesses to navigate change and embrace ambiguity. She has spent almost 20 years working with businesses in leadership development, coaching and culture change programs. Change2020 was founded on the belief that while people are programmed to resist ambiguity, they make better decisions and are more creative and innovative when they embrace it.

Vicki is the National Practice Manager for Project & Program Delivery at Integral Technology. With more than 30 years’ experience in business and change management, Vicki brings practical solutions to complex business initiatives across a variety of sectors, specialising in new ventures, regulatory and workplace changes and new product launches. Vicki was also a founding member and director of Change 2020.


Points raised in this podcast:

  • People sometimes come to project management roles by default and not everyone has a natural aptitude for the job.
  • Project managers need to love getting deep into a difficult situation.
  • Resilience does not mean always being right, but being flexible enough to adapt and respond to challenges.
  • Project managers must accept that trying to keep everyone happy is ultimately an impossible task.
  • Never go into a project assuming it will be easy to deliver.
  • Preparing for the plan to change is one way project managers can become more resilient.
  • Humility is a more valuable trait than perfectionism in project management.
  • Stakeholders will often be more appreciative of project managers who are resilient enough to tell the truth, own their mistakes, and explain setbacks.
  • Resilience is not only important after a mistake or setback, but from the very beginning of a project.
  • Experiencing failure is one fundamental way project managers can become more resilient.
  • Rely on the strength of your team to help build your resilience.


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