how to facilitate great meetings

Podcast 105 – How to facilitate great meetings

Podcast 105 – How to facilitate great meetings

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Let’s talk about how to facilitate great meetings

Jenny De Lacy has spent her fair share of time in big, bad and boring meetings. In this podcast, she speaks with Elise Stevens about how to facilitate great meetings.

Jenny has cut her teeth over two decades in IT project teams, running team improvement and outcome improvement for teams. She is currently a Presentation Coach and Content Creator with Writing Works Victoria, helping brands organise and write the content for their websites and social media platforms. Prior to that she worked in team building, human resources, training, learning and development.

Jenny has a Bachelor of Business and a Masters of Professional Education and Training. She also has a Graduate Diploma in Organisation Change and Development and qualifications in SEO Copywriting and Social Media Management.

Points raised in this podcast:

  • A good meeting starts with good planning.
  • Know the intended outcomes of the meeting, make sure they are reflected in the agenda and stick to it.
  • Make sure each person who is invited to the meeting knows why they are there.
  • Small, more frequent meetings with short to-do lists can be more effective than long, tedious ones.
  • Do not be afraid to cancel or reschedule a meeting if you know a key person is not going to be able to attend.s
  • Ask everyone in attendance to put aside their phones and other distractions.
  • If you are running the meeting, you set the tone, so make sure you set it early. Be assertive and don’t allow attendees to go off track.
  • If someone does take the meeting off track, ask him or her to remind you to discuss it in more detail at a later time and then return to the agenda.
  • Setting meeting guidelines at the beginning of a project can ensure people are not offended when you interrupt them to keep the meeting on track.
  • Telling attendees how long the meeting will run for from the outset makes them more likely to commit their full attention.
  • Introvert project managers who do not feel confident wrangling a meeting should consider handing over the facilitation of the meeting to another team member.

You can find out more about Jenny at her website Writing Works Victoria.

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