Podcast 97 – How to hold a rock star project kick-off meeting

Podcast 97 – How to hold a rock star project kick-off meeting

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Let’s talk about how to hold a rock star project kick-off meeting

Sara Sheedy specialises in bringing purpose, passion and creativity to learning. In this podcast, she speaks to Elise Stevens about how to hold a rock star project kick-off meeting.

Sara works alongside companies to bring energy and engagement into staff training. Her strategies help companies gain competitive advantage by reducing talent turnover and empowering team members to contribute to the company’s future.

As a previous Registered Training Organisation Manager and Learning Design Manager, she believes training delivers real results when employees are taught adult learning principles to solve real workplace problems. She is certified and accredited in Extended Disc (EDISC) and Social and Emotional Intelligence (SEI).


Points raised in this podcast:

  • Meetings can be boring, but they don’t have to be.
  • Kick-off meetings don’t have to happen only at the beginning of a project, but are also important if you are taking over a project mid-way.
  • Set an agenda and make sure you stick to it.
  • Inspiring curiosity in your team members will help to ensure you have their undivided attention, which is the key ingredient of a rock star project kick-off meeting.
  • Consider having music playing or games set up. It will immediately make people think this project is going to be different.
  • Appeal to the senses with bright-coloured Post-It notes, scented textas or Lego.
  • Instead of setting down rules, consider having the team agree to values.
  • Remember this meeting sets the scene for how the project will be managed and delivered. Work to present a space where people feel safe to contribute, innovate and find joy in their work.
  • Work to inspire a community sentiment where people feel they belong and are working towards the same goal.
  • As a project manager you need to bring the energy and the buzz. If you are energised, your team will want to engage with you.
  • Notice the energy in the room, and if it is waning, find a way to spark it again, by either taking a break, or changing pace.
  • You cannot hold a rock star project kick-off meeting with elephants in the room. Make sure you address them early and openly.


Find more information about action learning, strategic play, game-storming, objective play and creative excursions from Sara Sheedy and her super-energised team, on her website.


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