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Podcast 90 – Innovative Project Delivery with Trish Sutter

Podcast 90 – Innovative Project Delivery with Trish Sutter

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Let’s explore innovation on projects

In this podcast, Trish Sutter from Armada Consulting speaks to me about innovation on projects.

The team at Armada focuses on maximising clients’ returns on enterprise project investments in performance and profitability improvement. They provide experts to assist in the design, development and delivery of results-focused enterprise performance management programs.

With more than 15 years of experience delivering programs and projects, Trish has published articles and blogs, and spoken on the subject. She is also a content contributor to Rita Mulcahy’s book Risk Management: Tricks of the Trade for Project Managers.

Points raised in this podcast: 

  • Project management processes can become rigid and established and project managers often feel like they must work within them.
  • Innovation is the ability to bring more efficiency into existing processes.
  • Project managers should move their focus away from what’s going right and towards what’s going wrong.
  • If a company fosters a culture where processes are set in stone and nobody wants to rock the boat, there will be little innovation on projects.
  • Project managers must have confidence in themselves to do things differently but have a value statement to back it up.
  • Project managers who have a team of people who are experts within their own areas, must allow them the space to step up and explore what they can do that is innovative.
  • Keeping an open mind and being creative with your leadership strategies can inspire people on your team to be innovative.
  • Sometimes you must allow your team to fail, in order to allow innovation on projects. But you also have to know when to call off the project, learn from the failure and make your next innovation a great success.
  • Sometimes the smallest innovations can be just as effective as sweeping changes.
  • Going to classes and reading as much information as possible will encourage you to think innovatively.
  • Allow yourself time to think and meditate on ideas, even ones that are implausible.

Listen to the Podcast here:

Read more about innovation on projects on Trish’s blog, The Good Project Manager.

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