Podcast: Jenny De Lacy

Podcast: Jenny De Lacy
Age Defying Careers

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In this episode, Visibility Coach Jenny De Lacy shares her career story to inspire us all.

Jenny is a video marketing strategist and expert. She transferred her Learning and Development skills gained over 20 years, and made the shift from being a ‘contractor’ to ‘business owner’.


  • Jenny’s journey from a career in Learning & Development to running her own business
  • Jenny’s career change from having the urge to run a business rather than be a contractor and trying to find a position that fit with family life
  • How working in a toxic environment was the impetus to start a business
  • Taking the skills learnt from running a business and from her career and turned it into her business today
  • Having to let go of the insecurity to leave a contracting position
  • Transferring the people management and writing skills to help craft their message and gain confidence
  • ‘You don’t know what you don’t know’ and people stay in employment not knowing what else they could do
  • The assistance of career specialists to change our careers by transferring your skillset
  • Realising the importance of leaving that toxic environment for confidence and self-worth
  • Different Egos in the workplace
  • Learning that our skills and abilities move across different stages of our career
  • Our career title doesn’t really matter – just decide what you want to do and doesn’t have to have a label
  • Understanding it can take some time to get over a bad/toxic work environment.

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