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Podcast: Julia Steel

Futureproof Your Career
Futureproof Your Career
Podcast: Julia Steel

Podcast: Why Project Management Is The Ultimate Balancing Act, Explained By Julia Steel

For two decades, Julia Steel has shared her speaking, training and mentorship skills with UK and Australian businesses. She’s held senior business transformation and project delivery posts, working with businesses to help them unleash their true potential using trust and engagement. She believes that people are responsible for a project’s success and that this also drives performance.

Julia understands firsthand that the Project Management environment is challenging, and that no project will ever be effortless. One needs to balance its operational requirements with your ability to deliver organisational change and innovation – all while keeping everyone engaged and building and maintaining effective relationships with stakeholders. You also have to take into consideration industry policies and procedures and your team’s relationships, politics and individual needs.

Points raised in this podcast with Julia Steel:

  • Businesses must accept constant external forces and disruptors, and the expectation that they do more with less on this unstable foundation.
  • In addition to calculating a project’s completion date and budget, team member engagement is essential for delivering results.
  • You’re never the only project in organisation. Always consider the bigger ecosystem.
  • Many Project Managers lack the ability to market a project and play well with others. To evolve with the times, they need to know that a good fit is essential.
  • Change is guaranteed. Project Managers must adapt and not dig their heels in.
  • Project Managers create tangible value when they have open conversations with stakeholders about positioning the project, and knowing where it starts and finishes from a customer’s perspective.
  • Never forget that your team members are your biggest advocates for building awareness, motivating others and getting everyone singing from the same song sheet.
  • Many Project Managers are let down by focusing on methods and standards over people.
  • Accept that Project Management can be hard and lonely and don’t be afraid to seek out mentorship.

About Julia Steel

Julia Steel is a speaker, trainer, and mentor who also considers herself to be an Engagement and Innovation Evangelist. Located in Melbourne, Australia, she most recently graduated from the Stanford School of Business with a qualification in Corporate Innovation, Business Administration and Management. She currently runs her own business, Julia Steele Ltd, and is well known for her project management, project portfolio and service delivery related service offerings. You can find out more about Julia on LinkedIn or see her website juliasteel.com.



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