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Podcast: Know your stakeholders – for real

Podcast: Know your stakeholders – for real

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Let’s talk about getting to know your stakeholders – for real

know your stakeholders podcast with Ashleigh Waters

Does your stakeholder engagement often feel like nothing more than ticking a box? In this podcast, program manager Ashleigh Waters speaks with Elise Stevens about the importance of truly getting to know your stakeholders and taking a genuine interest in their problems.

Ashleigh is a senior project professional with 20 years’ experience in project and program management in a variety of business environments. She prides herself on her ability to manage and influence stakeholder expectations to deliver results.

Ashleigh is currently working as a program manager for Counties Manukau Health in New Zealand and has previously worked with Air New Zealand, Lumley General Insurance and AIA. She is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Business Studies, Information Systems and Management at Massey University.

Points raised in this podcast

  • How a project is delivered can be more important than what is delivered.
  • Unless project managers know their stakeholders they can’t help them.
  • Good stakeholder engagement is about genuine care and interest in a project’s stakeholders rather than simply ticking boxes.
  • Being transparent and open about issues can be more beneficial than attempting to hide dirty laundry.
  • When issues that have been hidden away come out unexpectedly, they can make project managers appear to have lost control.
  • Sharing problems with the stakeholder group as early as possible often means you are more likely to find a solution.
  • Each stakeholder is equally important, even though their impact or influence on the project may be different.
  • Getting to know your stakeholders isn’t enough – it’s important to continue to communicate well with them. Consider them as part of your team.
  • One communication technique will not work for all stakeholders.
  • All communication should be fair and factual.
  • Know your stakeholders’ environment. Are they under other pressures you should factor in?
  • Consider how you would want to be treated. You wouldn’t like to be dismissed or ignored, so ensure that’s not how you’re treating your stakeholders.

You can connect with Ashleigh on LinkedIn.

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