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Effective Leadership Skills. Are You Truly A Great Project Leader?

Lately on the blog I’ve been exploring the ten skills that employers want from project managers. Effective leadership is one of the key skill that employers expect from project managers. While managing the project (costs, risks, issues, scope etc.) is important, leading the team (including the extended team) to deliver the required outcome is essential.

What is effective leadership?

For me, being a great leader for your team includes:

  • Harnessing the power of each member of the team so that they can work at their maximum potential
  • Ensuring that my words and actions match
  • Being respectful of other people’s values and opinions
  • Creating an environment where people want to work within your team
  • Listening more and talking less

Ways that project managers can become great leaders include:

  • Build the right team by identifying and securing the resources you need to deliver the project
  • Work with the team to establish and define the team vision and goals
  • Create a positive team environment for all members to flourish
  • Celebrate wins – not just at the end of the project, but at key project milestone events
  • Resolve conflict in a constructive manner
  • Disrupt the status quo, constructively and looking beyond the norm
  • Serve as a thought leader for the project

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Written by Elise Stevens – founder of Fix My Project Chaos



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