managing diverse stakeholder groups

Podcast: Managing diverse stakeholder groups

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Futureproof Your Career
Podcast: Managing diverse stakeholder groups

To celebrate the launch of the Fix My Project Chaos eCourse: Four Steps for Engaging Difficult Stakeholders, we’re releasing a brilliant new podcast each week which focuses on stakeholder management. Tune into the podcast series, and get involved in the conversation.

Let’s talk about managing diverse stakeholder groups

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Catherine Robson is passionate about people and collaboration ­­– both crucial ingredients for strong stakeholder engagement. She has more than 20 years’ experience in both the private and public sector in strategy development and implementation, project risk assessment and resolution; and customer service excellence.

In this podcast, Catherine speaks with Elise Stevens about managing diverse stakeholder groups. As a professional stakeholder engagement practitioner, based in Brisbane, she specialises in delivering outcomes to a diverse range of stakeholders at all organisational levels and, at times, with competing priorities.

Catherine prides herself on genuine and trustworthy engagement with internal and external stakeholders and her ability to quickly gain an understanding of organisational vision and strategic direction. Here she shares some valuable insight into juggling diverse stakeholders.

Points raised in this podcast:

  • Stakeholders are not carbon copies of each other.
  • Each stakeholder will have a different agenda and way of thinking and will desire a different outcome.
  • Different stakeholder groups will place differing levels of importance on various aspects of the project.
  • Project managers need to find a way to get all stakeholders on the same page.
  • Although each group must be considered individually, the goal should be to bring them all together, not segregate them.
  • A group meeting with all stakeholders at the beginning of the project can help in encouraging open communication and setting common goals.
  • Before this meeting, it can help to meet with some of the strong stakeholders to get an idea of their attitude to the project.
  • Project managers should facilitate communication between stakeholders by providing an environment where people feel comfortable sharing information.
  • Bringing challenging stakeholders together in a networking environment can help them understand each other’s role and value.
  • Project managers should try to understand what drives each stakeholder group and then identify common themes that will bring the groups together.

You can connect with Catherine on LinkedIn.

Listen to the Podcast:


More about Catherine:

Catherine Robson is a highly effective and professional stakeholder engagement practitioner with over twenty years’ experience in both the private and public sector, including experience in bridging the gap between the two. Catherine is an organised, results-driven individual with a high standard of professionalism and experience in project management, stakeholder engagement, strategy development, implementation, change management, relationship building, community engagement, communications and leadership.

In 2008, having established herself as a provider of excellence in the fields of stakeholder engagement, issues management and communication, she established the Robson Group, a boutique consultancy firm focusing on stakeholder solutions, inclusive of strategy development and implementation together with issues management and communications.

Catherine has a particular interest in the concept of ‘open innovation’ and the collaboration of multi-disciplinary partners to deliver value add solutions in alignment with organisational strategy with a focus on commercial imperatives.



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