Pioneer of the Business Driven PMO

by Elise Stevens | Futureproof Your Career Podcast

Forget everything you may have heard about PMOs, Mark Price Perry is here to turn yours on its head. In this podcast, Mark makes the case to Elise Stevens that organisations should invest in a Business Driven PMO.

Business Driven PMOs are run like business units, focused on the results desired by the leadership team, and with a keen understanding of stakeholder bias.

Mark’s golden rule is “It’s not your PMO”. As a PMO leader, what you want to do is irrelevant. To have a truly Business Driven PMO, you need to focus on the leadership team and what they want.

If you found your PMO plan on Google, or your PMO review involves a list of projects, Mark will make you rethink your approach.

Points raised in this podcast:

  • Business Driven PMOs are more likely to be successful and deliver more value and better results, compared to PMOs run by traditional methods.
  • PMO leaders often look outside the business for examples of how the PMO should be built and run, but looking internally can reap greater rewards.
  • It is crucial to look at the project-related business issues and opportunities the PMO will serve. Only once you have established the ends that need to be achieved, should you decide the means to reach those ends.
  • Start by establishing a PMO mandate based on its purpose, then establish a business plan.
  • A PMO review should be a review of the performance of the PMO in achieving the objectives of the business unit, not a review of the list of projects.
  • Speak the language of business, not the language of project management.

About Mark Price Perry:

Mark Price Perry pioneered the concept of the Business Driven PMO, challenging the traditional approach to PMO setup and management. Mark is a “boat-rocker” and outspoken critic who believes the traditional approach has led to PMO failures and loss of executive support.

Mark’s approach is driven by the specific needs of the business as determined by the leadership team, not industry standards or the latest PMO models, buzzwords and hype. He is the author of the Business Driven PMO book series and the creator and host of The PMO Podcast.

You can connect with Mark on LinkedIn.