Podcast: Moira Matic

Age Defying Careers
Age Defying Careers
Podcast: Moira Matic

Podcast: Every opportunity is a stepping stone, with Moira Matic

Moira Matic is a Brisbane-based Disruption and Innovation Business Consultant who runs her own business, called Inspiring the Magic in You. With qualifications in business management, training and assessment, project management and neuro-linguistic programming, she helps businesses overcome competition using disruption, technology and change tools. She specialises in tailoring strategies to businesses that value innovation and building a driving culture that aims for the ‘extraordinary’.

At nine years old, Moira’s first job was cleaning her father’s black cab. At eleven, she was decorating limousines for newlyweds, and by high school she was using her short-hand skills to balance books and provide secretarial services to businesses during school holidays. After completing a Bachelor of Business in Management, she became Deputy State Manager for a major corporate superannuation fund.

After marrying and having children, Moira worked part time in a variety of roles, including overseeing national franchise businesses and facilitating training courses. She also assisted her husband in local government activities, running campaigns involving social issues such as disability compliance, community organisations and environmental sustainability – which she still supports today.

With a project management qualification under her belt, Moira founded her own project management firm and assisted a large retailer by adapting and customising an existing change management and leadership training project. The result was a customer, community and team engagement training program that was able to make a profit within less than a year of trading. The program is still active, with Moira occasionally providing managers with training and mentorship.


  • We sometimes downplay our achievements. Sharing them reminds us what we’ve done, how far we’ve come and provide value to others.
  • Take the time to refine what you have to offer before bringing it to the market.
  • The world currently has a culture of ‘fear’ and it has created unique customer experience and leadership problems.
  • Women need to embrace their feminine leadership style and recognise that it’s not inferior or deficient.


Moira Matic is a Disruption and Innovation Business Consultant, and her business, the Inspiring the Magic in You, helps to transform clients into raving fans. She’s also developing her business to help women find their true power by embracing and accepting their feminine selves. You can catch up with Moira here.

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